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If you are torn about what career path to choose, JR Education provides you with a vast choice of courses to choose from to make your decision a lot easier.  With its 2000 students and more thousands of employees trained in different companies, JR Education has positioned itself as the most strategic educational partner in Mauritius and at International level.

Deciding on a course you’d like to study can be rather challenging, thus when choosing what to study, it is important to pick a course that matches your interests and abilities; one which drives you towards your goal. You can also determine which field to study in depending on your career aims. For instance, you can choose a particular course and find a job in a particular industry that is of your liking.

At JR Education, we provide you with an array of training packages in a wide choice of subject areas ranging from hotel and tourism, construction and built environment, management and Information Technology and also Arts and Entertainment.

The hotel and Tourism field is a fast-changing and very dynamic one where you can get accustomed to an international environment. Our hotel and tourism program comprises of courses about basic hospitality, food and beverages and languages amongst various other subjects. The construction and built environment subject area allows you choose from interesting programs like architecture, interior design and basic construction amongst many others.

If you are looking to make a career path in management, you can choose to study our management and information technology course where you can excel in the world of IT and management. Finally, the arts and entertainment program allows you to choose from various fascinating courses like landscaping, flower and floral, photography, DJ and others.

From the various courses options presented above, channel your interests and goals and choose the course that appeals more to you. Whichever career path you wish to choose, we are sure JR Education can provide you with the right course.

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