Project Description

Training Course in Restaurant and Bar Services


Form 3

Duration: 115 hrs


    • Definition of Hotel and Tourism Industry
    • Definition of different “ formules de restauration”
    • Materials and equipment used in restaurants
    • Know about “ annex” areas in restaurant
    • Perform “ gestures de base”
    • Set up of restaurant ( M.E.P)/ Preparing work station
    • Know and apply different style of service
    • Beverage service
    • Preliminary preparation before service (M.E.P)
    • Basic product used in restaurant
    • Basic knowledge on production of wine
    • Alcoholics beverage/ Non-Alcoholics beverage
    • Sales of a product and communication “bon de commande”
    • Welcoming and greeting of guest
    • Know and understand culinary terms being used in a restaurant
    • Respect control procedures
    • Breakfast service
    • Room service
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