Today, the days of limited career choice and the days where people did not dare to take study paths that were unconventional are long gone. Now, the view on uncommon career career options has taken a turn in the last decade and people are now resulting to putting their passion first when choosing a career path.

If you are passionate about music and wish you entertain a crowd with your own piece of remixed music, our DJ course is made just for you. For those who are new to the subject, a Disk Jockey (DJ) is someone who has great liking for the music industry and mixes different types of music to entertain a crowd or live audiences.

If you are deciding whether to choose to study DJing or not, here are 5 reasons why we think choosing to be a DJ is worth it:

Merging Passion with Profession

DJs are people who are passionate about music, thus getting to turn your passion into a full time profession can be very refreshing. DJing is a job that is a world away from work stress and helps you to be more motivated as you are doing something that you love.

A chance to reveal your creativity

Being a DJ also means being your own boss and doing your own thing without having someone on your back pressuring you to conform to their way of working. This career allows you to have your own style, put your creativity to work and do something new everyday.

Perform and entertain crowds

DJs are no more only behind the scenes artists but also involves playing your piece of music to audiences and crowds. Therefore, this instills in you the confidence in your own talent and helps you to get in front of a crowd. People now are not only interested in the music but also in the people behind the mixer, so today, being a DJ also means to be a social person and an entertainer.


Following closely behind the music, is fun and stardom. The more the audience likes your music and your skills, the more you are connecting with them and the higher your profile of being a DJ is improving. There is nothing more satisfying that being recognized for your own talents and hard work.

The Networking

One of the most important part of being a DJ is the networking. When you go out different nights and mix your music, you meet different types of people from different backgrounds and cultures. The more people you meet from different profession, the more recognition you are getting and the more work you get.

These benefits listed are only the tip of the iceberg, the moment you get immerse into the world of DJing, you will definitely come across much more benefits of the profession. Here at JR Education, we offer you with a series of courses in Arts and Entertainment which includes the DJ course.So if you inspire to become a recognized and successful DJ, do not hesitate to contact us.

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