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We offer a wide range of courses with high quality of teaching.

WHY CHOOSE JR Education?

JR Education is a training institute that has been established since 1981 in Mauritius. It is the first school to be certified with ISO standard and delivers quality training and education. With creativity and innovation as one of our core values, we provide students with an array of demanding subject areas to choose from, that best fit their needs and those of the market.

With a portfolio of more than 3000 students trained since its inception, JR Education has long joined the bandwagon of international models in training and education sector and has been recognized and awarded the ‘EDUCATING AFRICA 2009 Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education’ in 2009 which projects the institution as one of the best private schools in Africa.

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It is worth to note that JR Education has also in the course of years attained the peak of excellence at different levels for which it has been accredited.No matter what subject areas you choose to study, JR Education provides you with an innovative education system in our warm environment to achieve your dream.

JR Education has proved that courses are not restricted only to student but adult working or housewives, entrepreneur, or corporate entity, are the most welcome on board to realize their long lasting dream either as a professional or academician.

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JR Education


In its belief and endeavour towards quality education and training, JR Education has massively invested in buildings, facilities, communication means and hi-tech equipment. JR Education provides 20 fully equipped classrooms as well as the following training and well being facilities:

  • Kitchen and stewarding area
  • Restaurant – guest and service area
  • Training equipment (cameras, projector, microphone, software, DJ equipment)
  • Reception & information desk
  • Mock up room for housekeeping
  • Library
  • IT Laboratory
  • Internet Café
  • DJ Hall
  • Amphitheatre
  • Workshop/Studio
  • Parking facilities
  • Coffee shop & Cafeteria
  • Free WIFI access


  • Justified decisions
  • Right Actions
  • Service Excellence
  • Creative and innovative
  • Holistic approach
  • One Team One Spirit
  • Openness
  • Learning Organisation

To continuously nurture talents for the global economy.

To contribute to the economic and social development of the region by enhancing the potential of individuals

JR Education maintains a particular commitment to addressing the cultural, economic, educational, environmental, health, and social needs of its customers.

In fulfilling this mission, we value:

  • Accessible and affordable quality education that equips students with intellectual and professional skills, ethical principles, and an international perspective.
  • A strong foundation in experiential education to enhance students’ personal and professional growth.
  • A robust intellectual environment that values social and cultural diversity, free expression, collegiality, integrity, and mutual respect.
  • A safe, diverse, team-oriented, ethically responsible, and respectful workplace environment that develops the professional capacities of our faculty and staff.

To achieve a leadership position in training and education, we will:

  • Implement our Strategic Plan and Marketing Plan and related administrative plans.
  • Assess our progress using benchmarks appropriate to the goals articulated by our programs and in our plans.
  • Create meaningful collaborations among institutions, business, and community leaders to address issues and opportunities of the region.
  • Develop an infrastructure that makes learning accessible
  • Pursue opportunities to enhance personal wellness through recreational activities.




JR Education logo graphic

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